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May 10, 2011



Nina, wonderful you stopped by! And it was my pleasure. :-)

Nina Sankovitch

Nina Sankovitch here. Thank you so much for this thoughtful and lovely and wonderful review! I am so pleased that you understand how important it was for me to pass on to others the beauty that was my sister -- and always is my sister -- and the story of our family, bound together by our love for each other and for books. Read on!
Nina Sankovitch


Andi - you'd love this one, I just know it! And her website is great, too. Need to add it to my list, which I haven't updated in ages upon ages...


Rebecca, if I remember I'll copy her reading list and give it to you at the MB discussion. It's a pretty interesting list. Most of these I've never heard of.

I love books about books, books about reading, books about librarians... Ah, sigh! So, so much to read.

Rebecca Reid

what a pretty cover -- and I love the idea of this, but then realize I'd rather just read the books myself.....maybe someday I'll read one of these memoirs.


Tried commenting a few mins ago, and my computer freaked out, so let's try this again.

WOW! Just wow. What a beautiful gift to come out of such a sorrowful situation. Thanks so much for another great review (always). I must get my hands on this one.

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