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June 25, 2009


Harold Knight

I won't ever read Hagerty's book because I have heard enough of her on NPR to question everything she says. I am, in fact, one of those Christian-type folks. But I am also a Temporal Lobe Epileptic and have done a great deal of research (much of which I don't know enough to understand) about the brain and religious experience and such. I don't have a clue where I stand on many related issues, and I know that Hagerty SHOULD admit the same. The freakiest thing I ever heard her do was her foray into the "God-Helmut" with Dr. Michael Persinger---to prove you can conjure up God with an electronic gadget. She took him seriously, of course, and did not bother to discover that his work has been thoroughly discredited (is anyone surprised?). She does not deserve her influential position, and no one should buy her book.You can read my open letter to her at http://sumnonrabidus.wordpress.com/


I love that you continue to explore this and seek more information and viewpoints! And yes challenging the "accepted" doctrine. No one has the answers and no one should think they do. But we should all be respected for what we do believe -- and you do show that respect. Always supportive...

The Mother

While there is never a debate without bias, the religion question is the worst of the lot.

I have done this search, too, and have found myself, after years of philosophical study, non-theistic.

I have also found myself becoming increasingly hostile to the religious camp, as they continue to spout inanities supported only by ancient words in books of dubious origin.

Like that's debate.

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