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March 30, 2007


Bluestalking Reader

Mary, you're such an angel! You're so welcome, and I'm glad you're pleased. I did feel very badly but thankfully now it's resolved.

And I'm another who can't wait for book #2!


Yippeeeeee so glad to read this review Lisa. You all know by now that I read this in manuscript form actually on the very first day of the dreaded illness last year and despite being in excruciating agony from my arm I managed to turn one A4 sheet at a time all through the day because I just couldn't stop reading!This book shouldn't disappear without trace and so far we're all doing a good honest job of helping it along.Looking forward to the next one too Mary and if this is the one I've already read half of then please hurry up:-)

Mary Cavanagh

I have thanked Lisa off-line, but I would just like to say what a privilege it is to receive such a fantastic review. A huge thank you for such a careful, detailed and thoughtful write-up that makes me (a first time novelist)feel like a 'real' writer.

I'm hoping that TCB will be available to purchase easily State-side soon, but currently the most reasonable mail ordering site to buy in the UK is www.bookdepository.co.uk. £5.89 plus FREE delivery anywhere worldwide.

Just hope one day that you will be reading my second novel that is fully completed . . .


Sounds as if David Baddiel missed out, then! (Did you see Dovegreyreader's post about that?)

Bluestalking Reader

Jenclair, this one will probably have to be ordered from the U.K. but it's very much worth it.

I still have Flannery beside my bed, the letters and a bio. I haven't dipped in for a while and I miss her. She has the most wonderful voice, doesn't she? I very much want to get to her home at some point. It looks wonderfully atmospheric. But when, is the question...

Bluestalking Reader

Elaine, I'm also looking forward to her next offering. Entirely agreed on the POV issue, too. It's not always seamless when an author takes on the persona of the opposite sex. It can ring false, but not in this case.


Great review, Lisa. I'm adding this one to my list!

I'm still poking through The Habit of Being, a little at a time, and getting such a kick out of Flannery's comments. Such a confined world to be so full.


I, too, thought this was an excellent book. The opening lines certainly grab the reader's attention and I found I was totally involved with Joe immediately. Always the sign of a good book when you can engage with the main protagonist. Also, being told from a man's point of view was a very interesting thing to do, another reason for finding this story intriguing. I look forward to Mary's next book which I hope will not be too long.

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